sample of a large finished piece made from a Wrinkle in Thyme Farm felting kit
A Wrinkle in Thyme Farm

Medium Needle Felting Tools

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Included in this kit are two spiral felting needles, 8x8 inch foam backing for felting and clear instructions.

Needle felting is a fiber technique that can be used to create designs on felted fabric as well as create three dimensional art such as dolls and animals. A variety of patterns and colors of roving are available.

The felting needles have little barbs positioned near the needle point to do the work. You can feel them by gently running your fingernail along the shaft of the needle. When the needle is stabbed through fiber, small amounts are caught on the barbs and carried into the fabric below. The fiber is left behind when the needle is removed. A few stabs will create a temporary bond and stabbing repeatedly with permanently bond the fibers together. It is essential to use a foam pad or brush behind your work to protect the needle tip and the underlying surface.

This kit includes one 8 x 8 inch foam backing square, two spiral felting needles and instructions. This foam is for larger projects, like the landscape scenes. See sample landscape image.