Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) fiber & products
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Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) fiber & products

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When you join our Fiber CSA, you make an investment in our diversified farm. Members choose the type of share they want, i.e. a spinner’s share, a felter’s share, or a yarn share (see descriptions below). You can choose the fiber by name from your favorite sheep at the next shearing, which happens twice a year. The fiber can be processed according to your request so you get the product you want, including raw or washed fleece, wool to spin or for felting, mill-spun yarn, either natural or hand-dyed. The quantity of fiber in each share is based on current retail prices in the store, and totals $100 worth of fiber. You can choose your fiber project by project or all at one time. If you live too far away to shop at the farm store, we are happy to ship products to you (you pay the shipping costs).

Membership in our CSA offers:

• Learning about the amazing animals that grow your fiber

• Enjoying our farm as a peaceful, creative and positive atmosphere

• Gathering for fiber arts, pasture and woods walks

• Fiber products from our animals.

A spinner’s share includes:

raw or washed fleeces, roving or blended batts

A felter’s share includes:

hand dyed or natural unspun wool, tools, or kits of your choice

A yarn share includes:

100% wool yarn, either natural or hand-dyed

A weaver’s share includes:

1-2 pounds of ivory or natural colored (gray or dark brown) yarn on a cone