A Wrinkle in Thyme Farm

Collecting Sap Thyme Tile Needle Felting Kit

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February and March in Maine traditionally made this scene a familiar one when I was growing up. Spring when the nights are cold and the days are warm make collecting sap a pleasure I still enjoy. We tap about 400 trees, empty buckets by hand when the weather is right, and boil to syrup using a wood fired evaporator.

This needle felting kit includes a design of the sugar house and youngster emptying a bucket from a maple tree hand drawn on a pure wool felt 5x5 inches square. All the colors needed are included.

The finished Thyme Tile will make a lovely pocket for a knitted bag, wall hanging to frame (frame is not included), a coaster or a mug rug, are just a few suggestions. Be creative!

The process of needle felting is easy and fun for people of all ages. Children ages 9 and up can be very good at it, and may want to create their own designs. Younger children can have fun, however need adult supervision and assistance.

Not included: Needle felting tools, which are available in our store.

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